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Life’s a journey. So is health and fitness. We all go through ebbs and flows in life and often have to take a different path than the one we initially set out on. Therefore, I feel that health and fitness should have a fluid and flexible plan.

About me

I'mTiffany G.

the woman behind Healthier Ever After

I often call myself a guide rather than a personal trainer or health coach. After working in the industry for over 15 years, coming from a science and collegiate sports background, I have learned that it is less about what I know and more about helping my clients identify what they know about their bodies.

My mission is to streamline your path to success, allowing you to savor every aspect of your life while achieving lasting results.

Long Story Short

I am a personal trainer, nutrition coach, entrepreneur, athlete, and former caregiver. I am also a huge dog lover and usually have my dog McCovey in tow. I am motivated by outdoor activities/adventures, and in my free time, you can catch me watching the San Francisco Giants at Oracle Park. 

I have a degree from Chapman University in Biokinesiology, a certified personal trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine, and I hold certifications from Precision Nutrition as a Nutrition Coach and Sleep, Stress Management, and Recovery Coach. I am working toward taking the National Health and Wellness Coaches Board exam in 2024.

After caring for my mom (cancer) for three years and while caring for my dad (Alzheimer’s), I came to this realization: The routine that once worked for me no longer fit my lifestyle and was not sustainable, given my new role as caregiver. I had to shift my mindset. I had to learn new subtle ways to stay on track, even though my workouts and routine looked nothing like they did before. I had to adapt.

And, I had to adapt again once they passed on.

I do not feel that living your best and healthy lives are mutually exclusive. Healthier Ever After believes everyone deserves to live a healthy and happy life, and the two must complement each other. We believe that everybody is deserving and capable, regardless of race, age, or sexual orientation. While most of my clientele happen to be women, and I cover a lot of topics females face, however anyone willing to start creating a healthier life can benefit from these services.

Everyone deserves their own

Healthier Ever After