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I am dedicated to empowering ambitious women like you to lead healthy, fulfilling lives regardless of life’s challenges.

About me

Transform well-being from the inside out

I’m Tiffany, your certified Personal Trainer, Nutrition & Healthy Lifestyle Coach, and the founding force behind Healthier Ever After.  With 15+ years of expertise in exercise science, nutrition, and behavior change

Healthier Ever After offers various services to help clients boost their health and fitness levels.  HEA clients learn to transform well-being from the inside out.  I help you bridge the gap between knowing what to do and actually doing it, ensuring you have the tools and support you need to succeed.

a partnership that fits your lifestyle

Explore Diverse Services for Your Journey to Succes

Fitness Coaching

Create an individualized training program for that month based on your goals, needs, and schedule.  I will help you to build strong & healthy lifestyle habits to build upon.

Nutrition Coaching

Let go of all of the food rules, restrictions, and negative conditioning you’ve been taught about food to reshape your perceptions of food and your body, fostering a more balanced approach to eating.

H.E.A. Well-being Program

The ultimate upgrade- Since our body comprises a series of systems, each dependent on one another, we will look at how to help you optimize your well-being without being overwhelmed.

my plans

Pick the best price that fits your needs

1:1 Fitness Coaching

Individualized health and fitness coaching


/ month

Nutrition Coaching

 Reshape your perceptions of food


/ month

H.E.A. Well-being Program

A Fusion of Nutrition and Fitness Program


/ month

Why choose me

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Years of experience

Expert guidance

With over 15 years of experience in the fields of exercise science, nutrition, and behavior change, my commitment is to empower determined women like yourself to lead healthy and fulfilling lives.

I have a degree from Chapman University in Biokinesiology, a certified personal trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine, and I hold certifications from Precision Nutrition as a Nutrition Coach and Sleep, Stress Management, and Recovery Coach. I am working toward taking the National Health and Wellness Coaches Board exam in 2024.

Holistic approach

Embracing a comprehensive approach, Healthier Ever After offers a spectrum of services dedicated to enhancing clients’ health and fitness. Within HEA, clients discover the transformative power of well-being from the inside out, integrating key elements such as proper nutrition, mindful movement, stress management techniques, and vital rest and recovery methods to prevent burnout. My role is to assist you in bridging the gap between knowledge and action, ensuring you’re equipped with the essential tools and support necessary for a successful journey.

Personalized plans

Healthier Ever After isn’t just another 1:1 training program – it’s a partnership. Together, we’ll define your goals and establish actionable steps that fit your lifestyle, supported by my We understand that life isn’t one-size-fits-all. Your schedule, responsibilities, and demands are unique. My mission is to streamline your path to success, allowing you to savor every aspect of your life while achieving lasting results.

Community support

Together we will create space for SOCIAL CONNECTION & COMMUNITY  (your community, family, personal and professional relationships, hobbies, and causes). Giving back/paying it forward is a huge component of Healthier Ever After’s mission because we feel good when we do good. Just as a ripple spreads when a single pebble is dropped into the water, the actions of individuals can have far-reaching effect

Working with Tiffany has been a game-changer for my fitness journey. her personalized approach to wellness seamlessly blends challenging workouts with practical nutrition advice. she is not just a coach but a motivator who genuinely cares about your progress. Highly recommended for anyone looking to level up their fitness and well-being!

Francine McKay

I can’t say enough about Tiffany’s expertise and dedication. her innovative workouts and tailored nutrition guidance have transformed my lifestyle. The positive energy and encouragement she brings to each session make the fitness journey enjoyable. If you’re serious about your health goals, H.E.A is the real deal!

Jen Collins

Picking H.E.A was a smart move. They break down this fitness stuff in a way that just clicks. Workouts are tough but doable, and the nutrition chat is like having someone decode the food puzzle for you. Big shoutout to Tiffany- she has made sweating it out actually kind of enjoyable.

Alexis Dyer

I’ve had various trainers in the past, but Tiffany stands out for her holistic approach. She not only focuses on challenging workouts but also provides valuable insights into maintaining a balanced lifestyle. The variety in workouts keeps things interesting, and the nutritional advice is practical and sustainable. Grateful for the positive impact Tiffany has had on my fitness and well-being!

Emily Yong